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Hi, my name is Juliana!

I am here on this journey, just like you, remembering who I am.

I am Master and I am Apprentice.

I want to help you follow your own path by teaching you how to ignite the Light you carry within.

WIll you come with me?

Learn more about me

I am a Pisces being challenged, in this existence, to be an Aquarius.
To fulfill this challenge, I use as my tools: the Sun, the Moon, Venus, and Mars - all placed in Aquarius in the 12th house of my birth chart. And this is all to help me to remember that I have my way to do things, and this way is connected to something that cannot be touched, it can only be felt.

I have always liked to write, since I was a child. I am a free soul, and it's so hard to believe that I spent 20 years of my life inside the corporate world.


This place is for you if... are feeling that you lost your identity, and feels that need to find more purpose and happiness in your life realize that you have limiting beliefs, traumas, blocks, and fears that are preventing you from taking a step towards the life you deserve to have feel the need to bring more spirituality into your daily life, to re-establish a connection with your heart and your purpose are tired of using medications or other types of interventions to treat your physical-mental-emotional triad, and now you are looking for a method to investigate the roots of your symptoms and behaviors


"Until you become conscious, the unconscious will direct your life and you will call it fate."
(Carl Jung)

I had the opportunity to make my map with Juliana, and I can say that it was an incredible experience. Starting with the introduction and explanation of the methodology in a super clear and detailed way, going through the conduct of the sessions with questions that promote real reflections.
The conclusion and presentation of the map is very rich and detailed, without ceasing to be objective and includes an action plan that allows immediate implementation with the mapped evolution points.

- Alexandre Paschoal


Juliana is a woman of light.....special! I feel like you came into this world to help others!
In my first consultation, without knowing her, I had such an affinity that I can't describe it!
She gets involved in a way with her work and the actions she does that I can't put into words!
It's indescribable!
Only those who have been with her and had the opportunity to exchange energies will understand me!!!!


- Claudia Kanan

I met Ju as soon as I moved here to the USA, in mid-2021. The whole process of moving was very intense for me, there was a great feeling of insecurity and of not belonging. Together with Ju, using Biological Reading, I was able to understand that all this feeling came from my family, from stories that were lived in the past, and that now this had a significant impact on my process of change. During the consultations I found clarity, empathy, a lot of acceptance but, mainly, I can now feel more comfortable with the life I have lived today. Thank you so much, Ju!


- Jackeline Passos

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