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In 2021 I went through some challenges where I needed to understand what learnings I should. So I chose to do the Alchemy process with the Alchemical Tarot to help me look more broadly.
And it was amazing!
Through working with Ju I was not only able to discover several blind spots in relation to what I was facing that I could not see, but I was also able to change some behaviors that helped to position myself differently in the face of these challenges!
And I'm reaping the results of that to this day!
Congratulations, Ju, for the work and thanks for guiding me through these challenges!

- Rafael Livramento

Claudia Kanan.jpeg

Juliana is a woman of light.....special! I feel like you came into this world to help others!
In my first consultation, without knowing her, I had such an affinity that I can't describe it!
She gets involved in a way with her work and the actions she does that I can't put into words!
It's indescribable!
Only those who have been with her and had the opportunity to exchange energies will understand me!!!!


- Claudia Kanan

foto jack.jpg

I met Ju as soon as I moved here to the USA, in mid-2021. The whole process of moving was very intense for me, there was a great feeling of insecurity and of not belonging. Together with Ju, using Biological Reading, I was able to understand that all this feeling came from my family, from stories that were lived in the past, and that now this had a significant impact on my process of change. During the consultations I found clarity, empathy, a lot of acceptance but, mainly, I can now feel more comfortable with the life I have lived today. Thank you so much, Ju!


- Jackeline Passos

Alexandre Paschoal.jpeg

I had the opportunity to make my map with Juliana, and I can say that it was an incredible experience. Starting with the introduction and explanation of the methodology in a very clear and detailed way, going through the sessions with questions that promote real reflections.
The conclusion and presentation of the map is very rich and detailed, without ceasing to be objective and includes an action plan that allows immediate implementation with the mapped evolution points.

- Alexandre Paschoal

Paulo Moretti.jpeg

My story with Juliana starts when we took a course together.
When the pairs were designated to carry out the therapeutic exchanges, I was pleasantly surprised to have her as my partner.
At that moment, without my knowing it, I was meeting one of the best therapists I have had access to so far.
Right from the start, his calm, welcoming, professionalism and availability enchanted me.
We became friends and I ended up making an appointment with her.
During the first consultation it was as if a new world had opened up in front of me, her extensive knowledge and dedication made all the difference in my life.
She put incredible therapeutic tools at my disposal which enhanced the results.
I strongly recommend Juliana's work because as an integrative therapist and psychoanalyst that I am, I recognize her ability to guide us along the path of self-healing.
My immense gratitude to the universe for putting me in touch with this incredible human being and who helped me a lot on my path of self-knowledge and healing of my wounds.

- Paulo Moretti

Larissa Borges.jpg

I met Ju on my wedding day. 12/09/2018. That day, the Universe gave me 2 things:
(1) My Soul's Challenge: My First Marriage. Most transformative experience I've ever had, and also the most painful.
(2) My guide to my inner healing: Ju. She gave me sunflowers, my favorite flower!
I've always valued the intellect, and I thought the heart and intuition were tools that brought deception. Then, Ju appeared and put me in touch with a new Universe.
My first session with her comes out completely SWEATY. I spent days processing that experience. TRANSFORMED me. From that day, I decided to open my intellect to this unknown world.
I continued my sessions, continued SWEATING and feeling all those PRESENCES. And I continued with my intellect...
The intellect didn't care! That's when she guided me to the heart. I discovered my heart. I discovered myself! The inner alignment began and the paths began to open…
With Ju I learned that when you are internally aligned, even if it doesn't make sense to the intellect, EVERYTHING FLOWS.
Ju helped me see my shadows. Like a flashlight, clearing my unconscious, and pointing the way to connect with myself. And when you change, the world around you changes too. We are all connected.
Thanks for everything Ju and we're still together :)


- Larissa Borges

cleo gannon.jpg

Ju is a sweetheart!
I met her through IG and I was very curious about the Alchemical Mandala. I saw her brief explanation of how the session worked and didn't think twice about booking. We made an appointment and it was wonderful, each letter that came out was the faithful reading of what I was going through at that moment, I had a lot of clarification and answers about many things. I recommend Ju's work with my eyes closed and soon, we will do another session in another aspect. I can't wait to have another session with you Ju. Thank you for this beautiful work you do.


- Cleo Gannon

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Ju is a sweetheart! I didn't know about Biological Reading until my first appointment with Ju. Through this incredible tool, I was able to access stories from my life that until then I was unaware of how much they affected my way of acting in the present. In my case specifically, the knee pain that I used to feel quite often just stopped months ago, since I understood why they existed. I strongly recommend that everyone can get to know this tool and, above all, that they can have access to the care and reception with which Ju receives us during treatment.


- Anna Lima

Renata Tessarollo.jpeg

I met Ju 2 years ago. If I could sum up in one word everything I received from this special mentor, I would say RENAISSANCE. Beside her, I started another cycle in my life, the most special one. Ju has been helping me, through integrative therapies, to find my soul purpose. I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL 🙏🏻

- Renata Tessarollo

Marcelo Góes.png

Talking about Ju's work, while being easy, becomes difficult because it's a delivery that lacks words to express. Ju found me in a not easy year where I was very emotionally lost and with many conflicts in many areas of my life, but the map reading, and the other tools she used were important for me to locate myself, evaluate and ponder the way forward. be trodden. She was of wisdom, care, zeal and patience that makes the work have its differential. The view she has of the map is the way she translates all the information for sure there is no doubt.
I'm grateful because it made a difference in the year that was one of the most challenging I've lived!

- Marcelo Goes

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