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Juliana Coria

integrative psychotherapist

I am a Pisces being challenged, in this existence, to be an Aquarius.
To fulfill this challenge, I use as my tools: the Sun, the Moon, Venus, and Mars - all placed in Aquarius in the 12th house of my birth chart. And this is all to help me to remember that I have my way to do things, and this way is connected to something that cannot be touched, it can only be felt.

I have always liked to write, since I was a child. I am a free soul, and it's so hard to believe that I spent 20 years of my life inside the corporate world.

I wanted to study Psychology as my first degree, but other academic decisions led me to build a solid career in big companies. While I was filling my resumé with strategic marketing trainings, coaching sessions, projects and leadership management , I still found time to graduate in Performing Arts.

Psychology studies came back into my life many years later, as well as the studies in Alchemy, 5 Biological Laws / Hamer's New Medicine, Psychogenealogy, Life Coaching, Meditation Instructor Certification, and other specializations in energetic healing therapies that I have been learning for the past 12 years.

My mission is to help you to move through a wide range of emotional, and spiritual transitions in the most efficient and transformative way possible. My main goal is to guide you on a journey that will bring new perceptions and coherence to your story.

Today I live the life I have always dreamed of, and I want to show you the ways to better know yourself, find your true identity, and be happy.


I have always been interested in self-knowledge. Since I was very young I understood that knowing myself was what allowed me to navigate through this world with more clarity and freedom.

Starting with my first tarot course when I was 17, my whole trajectory is filled with all kinds of trainings and therapeutic processes. Self-knowledge is something that really moves me.

I am an integrative therapist and I currently live in the US with my family.
Moving internationally - from Brazil to the US - was certainly the biggest dive into my self-knowledge process that I have ever done. Facing a brand new routine and culture made me feel intrigued to better understand my roots, my history and the path taken by all my ancestors. And it was in this process that I was able to heal my greatest pains, to better understand my challenges, and to find my identity.

It was from my own self-discovery that I developed a method that has helped so many people to discover themselves within their own story.

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