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Soul Reading

In this energy healing technique, there are many possibilities.
The Soul Reading is for anyone who is looking for inner peace, guidance, clarity of mind, as well as personal and spiritual growth.

Issues to work on:

> unlocking physical, emotional, psychological or mental issues
> release of traumas, conflicts, fears and blocks
> dissolution of contracts and promises that impede the natural flow of life
> direct help from the Soul itself with messages of support, help and guidance for our growth and evolution
> access and understand the origin of certain emotions we feel and cannot understand where they come from
> work on self-love and manifestation
> access deep peace and emotional freedom

Session duration: 20 min of online conversation to understand the issues to be worked on. All access to the field takes place offline, at a time to be agreed, and you will receive a complete recording with the information that was accessed.

To schedule a ROOTS - Soul Reading session, click on the button below

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