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"The Raízes method"

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
(Carl Jung)

Raízes is a therapeutic method created by me that brings together a series of techniques and tools to help you look at your family roots and your history and, thus, give new meaning to your life in the present moment.

Within the method, you can work your story in 3 ways:

🧠 RAIZES – Restart
🌳 RAIZES – Alchemy
🧿 RAIZES – Connect with your Soul

Raízes - Restart

Have you ever thought about understanding the root of everything your body feels, or those behaviors you no longer want in your life?!


Raízes - Connect with your soul

In this energy healing technique, there are many possibilities.
The Soul Reading is for anyone who is looking for inner peace, guidance, clarity of mind, as well as personal and spiritual growth.


Gift Card

If you want to gift a session to a loved one, all options are available.

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